Workout The Army Style

in a world of braveness commitment and most importantly brutality, everything should be prideful even workouts , Army workouts aren't made to make them look sexy or to make them good looking there made to build tough and powerfull body that will servillivle even in hell itself ( i dont know about that i was feeling myself haha ) , so today i will share with you some tips and tricks to acheive high force based workout that will rember for many many days after

Run and Run And Run Again
According to wikiperdia ,Running is a method of terrestrial locomotion allowing humans and other animals to move rapidly on foot , whatever running could be consider as the main workout for army besides the countless sets of push ups and pull ups they do everyday they run more and more than any preformance of any other workout

Body Weight Based Workout
We all know that soldiers like weights , i'm not a big fun of weight lifting myself but i can really agree that it really handy in order to become more powerfull and gain more muscles pounds , on the other hand body weight based workout such as push ups pull up squats can be more tricky and challenging for people especially if you willing to kill that workout

Rope climbing 
another great body weight based workout that gonna kill your arms and turn you to a modern hulk , so brutal yeah this workout is everything this blog about traditional workouts are the best

Some violence wouldn't hurt
Boxing , wrestling , kickboxing and many many other martial art wouldn't kill you and can be considered as great workout , and reduce the possibility of being ass kicked

This is all i got for my first blog if you like it show it to a freind i ve still got a lot of cool stuff about working out so be around here
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